Amazon AMZN Chart Porn

Update 6/5/17 – Amazon made a new high closing above 1000. This still has potential to keep going as the MACD gap is still wide. A move to 1030 is on the table.

Amazon AMZN weekly chart 6/5/17

Amazon AMZN Chart Porn 6/5/17

Update 4/10/17 – Amazon made its move to 900 and more! It has created a shooting star candle. While this candle signal has bearish implications, it is also a notorious continuation signal. The price pattern as of now looks as if it wants to continue so a move back to 900+ is on the radar. With no support break, follow the trend!

Amazon AMZN 10 year weekly chart

Amazon AMZN Chart Porn 4/10/17

Update 3/20/17 – Amazon is ready to make a push higher. A large move is potentially in the works and it could make a move to 870-875 in a hurry. The breakout is looking good.

Amazon AMZN Chart Porn weekly chart 3/20/17

Amazon AMZN Chart Porn 3/20/17

Update 3/6/17 – Amazon has been lurking near its high and eyeing a breakout.  The latest high was created with some indecision. This can often be a continuation signal. I am on the watch for new highs to come. The MACD is still showing strength and the RSI has plenty of room to run.


Amazon AMZN Chart Porn 3/6/17


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