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Update 6/5/17 – Facebook has morphed into a new stock. It is no longer trading in its predictable fashion. The easy ranges maybe gone for good. The stock may continue its run for new highs to reach 160 before it starts to stall out again.

Facebook FB weekly chart 6/5/17

Facebook FB Chart Porn 6/5/17 WinCrease.com

Update 4/10/17 – Facebook started to move back from the tippy top end of its range. It made a very nice move and stuck to its uptrend. It may now start to stay still for the moment before earnings. The MACD is still very wide so another push higher is not off the table. It may very well stay very range bound though.

Facebook FB 10 year weekly chart

Facebook FB Chart Porn 4/10/17

Update 3/20/17 – Facebook is on a roll! It is at the top end of its normal range and could finally start to slow down. It still has some potential to squeeze out a new high but it is now starting to overextend itself. It may likely pause.

Facebook Chart Porn weekly chart 3/20/17

Facebook FB Chart Porn 3/20/17

Update 3/6/17 – Facebook has been the easiest chart to read for the simple reason that it has done nothing but move higher. The most basic view of reading the price from left to right shows it clearly. Follow the trend. Price target is still 140-142. The new range is establishing.


Facebook FB Chart Porn 3/6/17 WinCrease.com


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