Tesla Motors TSLA Chart Porn

Update 6/5/17 – Tesla made it strides to a new high but it could have legs left to finish off a bigger run to 360-365. It could get a little choppy near its high. If so, that could be the breeding grounds for the next leg higher.tsla-6-5-17

Update 4/10/17 – Tesla got hot and made it to 300. Now that it is here, it will likely keep moving. Our new price target is 320. Follow the trend.

Tesla Motors TSLA 10 year weekly chart

Tesla Motors TSLA Chart Porn 4/10/17

Update 3/20/17 – Tesla made its way back to 260 and could be back on the move. The indicators are hot and the price action is hot. With this stock, the price action is the go to signal. It is ready to keep moving if it can stay above 260.

Tesla Motors Chart Porn weekly chart 3/20/17

Tesla Motors TSLA Chart Porn 3/20/17

Update 3/6/17 – Tesla took a big rest from its recent move. Earnings provided a profit taking event and currently, the price is holding at what could be the bottom of its next move higher. The support has held up and this could start to form a base for its next move. The price target is still 300-310.


Tesla Motors TSLA Chart Porn 3/6/17 WinCrease.com

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