Marathon Money Podcast

  1. Marathon Money ep.1 – Nintendo Pokemon Go
  2. Marathon Money Ep. 2 – Savings, Dividends, Donald Trump, Facebook, Zillow, Twitter, How Young People Should Invest 500.00
  3. Marathon Money Ep. 3 – Tesla, Solar City, Elon Musk, United States Debt, Credit Card Debt, 2016 Presidential Election, Hilary Clinton, North Korea, Biotech, Healthcare
  4. Marathon Money Ep. 4 – Savings Accounts, 20 Year Market Trends, What to do When the Market Drops, Disaster Planning
  5. Marathon Money Ep. 5 – The Fed, Corporate Taxes, Donald Trump, The Cost of Money, Social Security, Welare, Penny Stocks
  6. Marathon Money Ep. 6 – DJ Step One, How Small Business Owners Invest, Emotional Investing, Facebook, Twitter, Square, Tax Write Offs, Ubers IPO
  7. Marathon Money Ep. 7 – Special Guest Brian Williams, Bank Loans, Tesla Stock Under 200.00, Minimum Wage Hike
  8. Marathon Money Ep. 8 – Nintendo, will game consoles go away, iPhone 7, Mario Brothers, How to retire early, dividends, 401k, Power Women, Divorce
  9. Marathon Money ep. 9 – Which presidential candidate is more stock market friendly? What stocks to buy if Donald Trump wins, lowering the corporate tax rate, is it cool to be broke? Employee stock purchase plans
  10. Marathon Money ep. 10 – Under Armor Stock, Brokerage Accounts, Commission Fee’s, Support and Resistance and How I Choose Stock
  11. Marathon Money ep. 11 – Nintendo Stock, How to Use Technical Analysis, How We Played Twitter, Wells Fargo Stock, the Elections Impact on the Stock Market
  12. Marathon Money ep. 12 – Twitter stock, Social Media Companies, Sprint, At&T and Time Warner Merger, Will Apple Try to Buy Time Warner, Facebook, Netflix, Uber Stock
  13. Marathon Money ep. 13 – Chipotle, How To Pimp Credit Cards, Which Companies Should Merge
  14. Marathon Money Ep. 14 – Real Estate Investing, 2016 United States Election