Win-Picks 3/1/21 ROOT, UL, TAP, HBI, AFL, GPK, NWL

Yo! The market has made a little baby dip and has brought some of the pricing of stocks to a buyable level. I found some that I like so lets go!

ROOT – Root Inc Com

Root has been beat down since its IPO back in late October. The new low has been created at 12.85. The recent last close price is 13.49 on 2/26/21. That’s not too far away from it low. The chart shows that it could likely hit its low and ready to bounce. With the car insurance field getting competitive, this could be a nice pick up to take advantage of it.

UL – Unilever

Welcome to the picks my very first ADR! I typically dont like them. This one hits the list because its a major player in the world. You may not have the name in your memory banks because the products they own don’t boast it. Look at the back of your bottles of shampoo, lotion, etc. Unilever is the primary brand you may own and have zero idea. The recent close price as of 2/26/21 is 52.06. The record high is 64.84. The 52 week low is 44.06. Its pretty much in the middle of those extremes. With a dividend of .513, that is a current yield 3.9%. Not shabby.

TAP – Molson Coors Beverage Company

You cant be a beer drinker and not pay yourself for drinking it. This stock recently closed at 44.45 as of 2/26/21. The 52 week low is 32.11. It has rebounded pretty good since then. The pandemic made them get rid of their dividend. I think that will come back and when it does, the yield should be nice.  The chart is showing it has major support in the 40 area so this is a nice entry.

HBI – Hanesbrands Inc

You know this name. You know the game. Hanes has been a staple in our lives for eternity. The pandemic gave the big deal at 6.96 for its 52 week low. It is now at its recent close price as of 2/26/21 at 17.69. The chart has shown that it is still in the early stages of a move higher. It could double! The combination of appreciation and the dividend is great. The dividend is .15 so that is a 3.3% yield.

AFL – Aflac Inc

AFLAC! The duck is showing some strength to push much higher. The recent close price as of 2/26.21 is 47.89. The 52 week low is 23.07 courtesy of the pandemic. The dividend is .33 so that is a 2.8% yield. The price is closer to its high of 50.15. I think it is going to make a breakout to push to new all time highs. With new highs, its always on the table to get an increase in the dividend. 

GPK – Graphic Packaging Holding Co

Graphic Packaging Company. As the market continues to move, understand that packaging is a part of the move. Its a critical part of it! Lets take advantage of it. This stock has been fairly consistent. It hasn’t been a huge mover. This wide range between basically 12 – 18, it has the potential to breakout the box. The dividend isn’t the greatest. Its at .075 so that’s at 1.9%. That basically puts you at breakeven when you compare that to inflation at almost 2% a year. Saying this all out loud in my head makes me question this pick, lol. I see a move to 25 dollars is why I have it here. The most recent close price is 15.87 as of 2/26/21. 

NWL – Newell Brands inc

Newell is better known as Rubbermaid. This is a nice play as the 52 week low, courtesy of the pandemic, is 10.44. The recent close price as of 2/26/21 is 23.17. I can see a move lower to get in at the 21 dollar area. The dividend is nice at .23 cents. That’s about a 4% yield! Grabbing it at 21 would enhance that beauty. The chart is showing it could push back to its highs in the 50’s.