Win-Picks February 2018

Welcome to the Win-Picks for February of 2018! Its overdue as we are now in the middle of the month. I simply didn’t pay attention to time as January just flew by. For this month, I have two picks. With the recent market turmoil, both have become a bargain price again. I have UPS and KHC for this month.

UPS was sitting on top of the world for awhile now and the market gods have gifted investors with a price that hasn’t been seen in almost a year. It also happened to do that in a matter of a week!  It has reached an extreme oversold RSI position and the chart shows great support around 100. This stock boasts a beautiful .83 cents dividend. The last close price from 2/10 is 106.39. This could look to stabilize and make its run again higher.

KHC hasn’t been around for awhile. Its our popular product you see everywhere, Kraft Heinz. The price has recently hit a 52 week low. It is also trading at its support near 70 dollars. It is also oversold on its RSI and the candle it created from its 52 week low was a hammer candle. This is a fairly dependable candle that signals a reversal or a bottom formation. What’s also beautiful is that this stock has a .60 cents dividend! The last close price form 2/10 is 71.38.