Bearish candle reversal formation

Evening Star Pattern

The evening star pattern is a reversal pattern only. It only will occur in an uptrend. It is a three candle pattern. On the first candle, the buyers are in full control. This green candle is preferably large. On the second candle, there is indecision represented by either a doji candle or spinning top candle. In some cases you will even see a hangman or shooting star candle as the second candle of this pattern. On the third candle, there is a red candle showing that the sellers took control. This red candle is the key to the reversal. It must close at least 50% into the green candle. The deeper the close into the green candle, the more significance that can be added to the reversal. If there is an increase in volume, this is more significance as well. This candle pattern typically appears at the top of a significant uptrend. When it does occur, it is a very strong indicator of a reversal. We will include as many examples as possible to help you identify this pattern.

Evening star pattern $TWTR
Evening star pattern Twitter $TWTR
Evening star pattern $KO
Evening star pattern Coca-Cola $KO
Evening star $FDO
Evening star pattern Family Dollar $FDO
Evening star pattern $CMG
Evening star pattern Chipotle $CMG