Apple AAPL Chart Porn (updated 5/15/16)

Update 5/15/16 – Apple broke below its 200 day moving average but found its support at 90. This is an interesting set up as the bulls may attempt to push this for a bounce but the overall trend is still intact. The chart shows that 90 has not been a very strong price level.

Apple AAPL Weekly Chart 5/13/15
Apple AAPL Chart Porn 5/15/16

Update 5/9/16 – Apple continues its bearish weekly trend as it now looks to make a lower low. The lower high at the 50 day/weekly trend line pushed the stock down. Earnings also helped that happen quickly. Now it is back near its recent lows and testing its support. The weekly shows that it could likely continue the sell and make its way into the lower 80’s.

Apple AAPL Weekly Chart Porn 5/9/16
Apple AAPL Weekly Chart Porn 5/9/16

Update 3/3/16 – A push to 100! The day has come. Moves higher have been sold off so now its up to the bulls to try to continue the move or is it simply a bear market rally? The down trend on the chart says trust no moves higher. Things could drop right back below 100 or make a move to 102. Either way, the trend is still strong and is looking to continue.

1 year chart of Apple AAPL 3/3/16
Apple AAPL Chart Porn 3/3/16

Update 3/1/16 – Nothing new at all for Apple. It has started to push higher but continues to face the downward pressure of the trend. Now that the 50 day is here, it could aid in the stock breaking a long term trend line that could push it to the 80’s. With the 200 day against it, it may happen. The range lives on.

1 year chart of Apple AAPL 3/1/16
Apple AAPL Chart Porn 3/1/16