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In this episode, X-tro extends the empower empire into his old rap world to talk with HiJinks from United Grind.  They discuss how Jinks got involved with the stock market to inspire those who also are undecided when it comes to investing.

X-tro and Jinks put the bars to a track from Dj Premier and the Lox.

Stocks and Bars – The Stock Market Hip Hop! The premier podcast to get everything related to finance. Each episode, we marry hip hop and life to help you improve yourself. Join us as we grow!

The Empower Empire is all about empowering you! Majority of people will never meet a celebrity and we often dismiss the idea that our friends are our own celebrities. Your circle of friends is one of the biggest impacts to your life. X-tro taps into his empower empire to show you that you also have powerful friends in your network.

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