Tesla TSLA Chart Porn (updated 5/15/16)

Update 5/15/16 – Tesla continued its sell off as the stock stands still hovering above 200. The range is looking to continue its path. 200 has not been a solid level so it may very well be crossed and move to 190 if it falls below it.

Tesla Motors TSLA Weekly Chart
Tesla Motors TSLA Chart Porn 5/13/16

Update 5/9/16 – Tesla has been a beast this year as it has recovered from its most recent sell off. Investors or big hedge funds got in and rescued the stock from its demise. The brought it right back up to the top of its range and sold it again. This has made a warning signal of a move lower and could slip back to that level but the chart is showing that at least 185 could be threatened again. Each move higher has been matched with a move lower to stay in the range.

Tesla Motors TSLA Weekly Chart Porn 5/9/16
Tesla Motors TSLA 5/9/16

Update 3/3/16 – Tesla continued its slip and then found some ground at 180. The stock is caught in the balance act and may now continue its move to test 180 again. The 50 day has helped push the stock back as the price trend looks to continue.

1 year chart of Tesla Motors TSLA 3/3/16
Tesla Motors TSLA Chart Porn 3/3/16

Update 3/1/16 – Tesla is back at the 190’s, where it fell from the cliff. Big money has brought this back to the level they sold it off at. This large move is viewed as a long wick candle on longer term charts. These moves have a tendency to retrace in the future so the 190 level may hold the key to how this stock may continue to move. As of now, it has stalled since it has reached its height on the stochastic. It may begin to pull back.

1 year chart of Tesla Motors TSLA 3/1/16
Tesla Motors TSLA Chart Porn 3/1/16