Trade Of The Week 3/8/19

Facebook Weekly option plays strategies

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This week’s expiration had its share of awesome trade ideas that were posted. I had to narrow it down and the one that gets the spotlight this week is Facebook. I had posted my option play on 2/15 for this and it expired on 3/8. The option play that was posted had the easy money play needing the price to remain above 157.5 to make a return. The hard money was the all star! The price needed to be above 166.33 to make a return. There are two price points of the hard money play and one of those price points got triggered to make this one the trade of the week. The price points were 170 and 172.5. If the price closed close to 170, the maximum return was over 200%!!! On 3/8, the price closed at 169.60.

Facebook Weekly option plays strategies
Trade of week for March 8 weekly option expiration

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