Win-Picks 1/19/21 – SSYS, DFS, NTAP, LUMN, SPG, TJX, MMM, DLTR

Yo!! The Win-Picks are coming back in aggressive fashion. It has been awhile since I have done this and I have a gang of stocks that have some decent potential to rise. Lets get right into it.

SSYS – Stratasys LTD

I have had this on my personal watchlist for years. This is a 3D printing stock that has recently made a move higher. The chart is showing that it has had some serious strength recently with a recent close of 31.85 (1/15/21 close price). My chart read shows that a close above 30 should give it a push to 38. If it can close above 38, its next move will be to 50! At the low 30’s this is a nice entry for a long term hold.

DFS – Discover Financial Services

This has been a monster stock for 2020. Since its bottom made from the Covid Crash, the stock has tripled! Now at record highs, why do I think its still a buy? I see a much larger move in the works to a price target of 165. There is still room to run. I do think that the price will rest briefly before it makes it move again since it has had a long run. The recent close price is 97.76 (1/15/21 close price). This stock also has a dividend of .44 cents so that is currently a 1.8% yield. That’s not terrible and i’m guessing that will likely increase.


This one recently started to make a move higher after it was pretty lackluster in 2020. It was range bound for the most part and got hot towards the end of the year. The last close price was 64.66 (1/15/21 close price). This has a nice juicy dividend at .48 cents a share. That’s a 2.96% yield. I don’t think this will pause for too long as my chart read shows a push to get back to the 80’s is on the table. 

LUMN – Lumen Technologies Inc

Lumen used to be Century Link (CTL) for those who didn’t know. This is another long term pick as this could benefit from the behavior shift created by Covid. This one also has an awesome dividend at .25 cents a share. With the most recent close price at 11.43 (1/15/21 close price), this has a current yield of 8.7%! NICE! This one does have some headwinds ahead though with some major resistance at 15. Its currently in a long term downtrend. I am seeing ahead that it is a value play that could play off greatly. 

SPG – Simon Property Group

Yo, i’m really liking this one. This is another value play since it took a major beating last year. Covid took a total dump on commercial real estate stocks. This one is showing signs of life and a great value long term. This one has a nice dividend of 1.20 per share. That’s a 5.59% yield at the most recent close price (1/15/21 93.00). The chart is showing this is looking to go higher with a target of 140. That’s a decent appreciation and a nice yield. 

TJX – TJS Cos Inc

The chart is giving a green light for a continued run higher. This one looks to be the slow and steady play out of the ones listed today. I see they recently cut their dividend. I can envision that coming back in the future if they continue to perform well. Companies cut costs as much as possible when Covid hit and the look to have done this in response to it. My price target is 90 for this. TJ Maxx has a history of being a great performing stock and I think this can repeat its history. The recent close price is 68.46 (1/15/21 close price).

MMM – 3M Company

This behemoth made a huge run years back and has finally settled down. I am seeing that this is ready to make a mega push again. They have a dividend of 1.47. That is a yield of 3.55% at its current close price 165.55 (1/15/21 close price). The chart is showing that this is ready to make a run back to highs and create new ones. 

DLTR – Dollar Tree Inc

The chart is showing that this is preparing for take off. I like the technical set up for this one the most. It could push back to its highs and make new ones. I have a price target of 180 for this one. A recent close price of 108.34 (1/15/21 close price), this has room to run.