Performance (Butterfly Plays)

We do a series of trades ranging in time frames. We work to achieve an average between 15% – 40% returns on our trades. We aim for a minimum loss with the maximum loss being 15%. We currently trade 6 stocks (Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Tesla) using our WinCrease Wealth building strategy. Our overall up to date results on trades we post are updated every Friday after close or Saturday morning (starting from 1/2/15): ***UPDATED 1/15/16***

+14 day option plays – 50-31    50 winning trades and 31 losing trades.

+30 day option plays – 39-31    39 winning trades and 31 losing trades.

Here are the individual records for each of the stocks we follow at WinCrease since 10/2/15:

Apple Stock options10-4 +14 day option plays, 9-3 +30 day option plays – Overall 19-7

Amazon Stock options – 6-7 +14 day option plays, 2-9 +30 day option plays – Overall 8-16

Facebook Stock options  10-4 +14 day option plays, 7-5 +30 day option plays – Overall 17-9

Google Stock options 7-6 +14 day option plays, 3-8 +30 day option plays – Overall 10-14

Netflix Stock options 6-7  +14 day option plays, 7-5 +30 day option plays – Overall 13-12

Tesla Stock options 11-3 +14 day option plays, 11-1 +30 day option plays – Overall 22-4

Our technique of combining the technical indicators with candlestick formations has helped predict stock price movements with accuracy. We constantly sort through charts to find the set ups we have found successful to trade. We work to put the best odds in the favor of the trader. Below you will find a few of the set ups that can also be found on our site. Join the WinCrease to gain access to our premium content. Any questions, please contact us at

Winning Plays from our +14 day Option Plays and +30 day Option Plays