When do you send out trade alerts?
The weekly option plays are updated every Wed AM before market. Both the +14 day option plays and the +30 day plays are updated every weekend.

Do you enter every trade posted?
No, entering every trade posted is not ideal. We post trades to provide options for each week. Some stocks may offer a better set up than others. Trades are to be entered according to capital.

Do you issue sell signals?
We provide sell signals as a part of our synopsis. We provide both a 15% loss sell signal and a 20% gain sell signal. While we do try to send out real time signals, often it is a challenge. Our experience has led us to give the signals with the trade up front and allow the trader to execute according to plan.

Do you trade just call and puts (naked options)?
No, we do not do naked options. While we have used them in the past, it is not a strategy that we promote. In rare occasions, we may use them in the longer term trades. Our primary method is to use spreads to leverage risk and reward.

Are the performance results based on fills?
No. Our experience has led us to know that fill prices will vary between traders. Rather than base things on a fill price, we base things upon whether the strategy is a success by the close price at expiration for each strategy.

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