The WinCrease Way – Wealth Building

One of the preconceived ideas about trading is that you need huge amounts of capital to make money in the stock market. We cant lie, it helps to have a good amount of capital. But what about those who don’t have ten’s of thousands of dollars? The WinCrease Way was created to address this problem. Our approach to investing is about wealth building. With our method, we use time to turn small capital into larger capital. The WinCrease Way focuses on teaching beginning investors the most important part of trading to grow their wealth: Selling. Most beginners fail and lose money because of not knowing how to take their gains. With our method, we show how to grow and how to properly manage your money to continue safe growth.

We use option strategies as our tool to help build wealth. Our combination of chart reading, chart patterns, and candle patterns help pinpoint exit and entry positions to trade with a plan. The WinCrease Way can help any beginning trader build their wealth safely.