Joining the WinCrease Team, you will be empowered and provided with high probability, low risk trades for various time frames for each strike month in the option chain. We provide winning strategies for the 6 stocks we follow for +7 days, +14 days, +30 day and +45 days. Each of the time frames present a strategy for the stock based on its current price pattern and technical analysis. We work to help you build your confidence trading as well as your account.

The time frames are designed to fit your trading style. We realize that not everyone has the patience or time to observe the market daily. If you are an active trader, you can take advantage of the +7 day strategies. If you want more time to help you with a trade, you can use the +14 day strategies. If you are like most working people, you can use the +30 day and +45 day strategies. You can see our overall performance as well as our individual performance per stock on our performance page.

+7 day strategiesDesigned for the active trader, we provide strategies that will give you between a 10%-30% weekly. We look to do a 20% but our goal is to give at least a 10% safe return within 9 days.

+14 day strategiesThis time frame was created for the hybrid trader. This is for the trader who likes the idea of the weekly return but may not have that time or the spirit to engage in them. These strategies are designed to give you 15% to +100% returns in less than 20 days.

+30 day strategies –  This time frame is our favorite strategy. We work to provide trades you can set and forget. These trades are designed to give 20% to +100% returns within 30 days.

+45 day strategies If you desire even more time, this strategy gives it to you. We also provide some of our growth strategies with this time frame.