Stocks and Bars ep. 10 – How to Start your Business


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In this episode, X-tro goes into his Empower Empire and is joined by Anthony Duvall. They discuss some key steps into starting a business. They talk about some surprisingly simple ways to start a business. X-tro puts the bars to a classic, Biz Markie – Just a Friend.

Anthony and his friends from the military started a cigar lounge located in the Old Brooklyn area near Cleveland, OH. Check out this article about them.

Stocks and Bars is the premier podcast to get everything related to finance. Each episode, we marry hip hop and life to help you improve yourself. Join us as we grow!

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Dwayne Tucker is an individual investor who started trading in 2006. Like many other beginners, he lost a small fortune. From his experiences and diligent self-education, he created a simple method to earn a consistent return. Now he works to help other beginning investors avoid the same mistakes he made. He created the website with the help of Cambron, to simplify the the market and help anyone earn money.

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