Taking Advantage of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming will be very big within the next year. If you ask a hardcore gamer about games on mobile devices, they will most likely have nothing good to say about it and they will believe that mobile gaming is not a threat to consoles.

They could be in denial or maybe they actually believe it, but to think that nothing can take over console gaming is not a smart way to think. Mobile games are a threat to consoles and whether you are a hardcore gamer who absolutely hates mobile games or someone who see’s value in both, you should position yourself to take advantage of the stock before it explodes.

EA is a great stock to have in your portfolio because it’s a major player in console games and it has potential to be bigger in mobile games. They already produce one of the best selling sports games in the world with Fifa, and the game is produced on both mobile devices and consoles. They also produce apps such as Monopoly, Life, Scrabble and other more casual family board games.

Another company that is positioned well in the mobile gaming arena is Gluu Mobile. They only produce games for mobile devices but the stock has great potential because of their positioning in the mobile market Outside the United States. With the stock around $5.50, this is one of my favorite stocks because of the potential of the Apple Tv opening up it’s platform for apps. If that happens, Gluu will benefit the most because of the new revenue stream and the ability to bring their console style games to the Apple Tv which will be used as a mobile console. People who don’t want to pay 400.00-500.00 for a console will opt for the Apple Tv which will double as a console and entertainment device. The hardcore gamers won’t touch mobile games but that won’t matter. The money is with the more casual gamers because there’s more of them. If an app store becomes available for the Apple Tv, look for this stock to double by the end of the year.