Trade Of The Week 3/15/19

WinCrease +7 Day Weekly Option Play

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The trade of the week goes to Alphabet. This trade idea was posted on 3/6. It’s design was for an option strategy to take advantage of the stock price staying above 1140 when the stock price was at 1169.19. If it remained above 1140, a return could be made. The trade idea that makes this one stand out from the others is the hard money. I read the chart for a move to the 1200 area. I put together a trade idea that would take advantage of a move higher to that price target. Because I opted to do a much riskier play, the probability for that strategy was very low. My read turned out to be accurate and the price made its move. Ultimately, it closed at 1190.30. Both strategies worked out perfectly!

WinCrease +7 Day Weekly Option Play
Alphabet weekly option play