Win-Picks December 2017

The Win Picks are back for the start of December. Last month I covered three stocks. Out of those three stocks, they each moved higher from the date of the post. Valero, Campbells Soup and PayChex. At WinCrease, we mainly follow six stocks. Each month I will continue to work to find another great stock. This month, I have found one and it is Autodesk, stock ticker ADSK.

The stock price has found its way to its support level on its daily year chart. It has found support at its 200 day moving average. This is suggesting that it has a chance to bounce from being oversold. Another view is its weekly chart. It is showing that it is close to its 50 day and could potentially bounce. With both charts to consider, the price action has shown some selling has been happening and it could move as low as 100. The century mark is always a very popular mark on any chart. Its recent close price is 107.16. A popular approach of simply averaging down can happen or waiting to see if the price can get lower near 100 is also an option. The chart has been in a strong bullish uptrend and buying the dips continues to work.