Win-Picks January 2018

The Win-Picks have been a nice edition to the site! This is the third installment and this time around, I have found three stocks I found that have decent set ups. The December Win-Picks have performed the way I projected. Autodesk, ticker ADSK, has seen its pressure from selling and has remained pretty flat. For the start of the year, here are the Win-Picks: Dave and Busters – ticker PLAY, Scana Corp, ticker SCG and Automatic Data Processing, ticker ADP.

SCG has had a rough prior year with the stock in decline. So why is this one on my list? The chart has shown that it has made a nice base that could be the beginning of a reversal. The recent gap up has signaled that it could make a move higher. The price has began to fall back into the gap so it may fill lower. If it does that, the price should be watched to see if buyers are truly interested in this stock. 40 has been very stable support and may likely be just that again.

PLAY has started to prove itself from a recent double bottom pattern. It made run last year and has fallen from it to its support at 50 and held nicely. Since then, the price has moved higher as it has began to validate its defense of support. I am looking to see this continue to make its move higher. The trend is looking to resume and 55 has been the current best entry point.

ADP has been in beast mode for awhile. It made a recent 52 week high/all time high and sold off. Since, it has rebounded and found its way back to those near highs. The bullish continuation could see this stock continue to move higher. The stock also pays a nice quarterly dividend of 63 cents to make things even better.