Win-Picks March 2018

The Win-Picks for this month are Dollar General (DG), Hilton (HLT), and Nike (NKE). Lets take a look at each of their charts and see why I like them!

Dollar General has made a nice run and recently pulled back. It hit its support and made a nice bounce. It could go as low as 90 but it is now testing its old high near 92. That is a good sign and this could be a decent entry. Its current close price on 3/5 is 93.43.

Hilton has recently slid from its highs and found some support. It is now testing it out as it forms a new base. The bounce from support has given a decent signal for an entry. The price can resume its run. Its current close price on 3/5 is 78.22.

I have been bullish on Nike since it go in the low 50’s/high 40’s. Since then, it has made its run higher to new 52 week highs. The run is not over as I see a move towards 100 in the making. The price has recently taken a nice rest and is resetting as it prepares for another move higher. This could be a nice entry as it tests out the price near its old high. The current close price on 3/5 is 65.05.