Win-Picks March 2019

The market has resumed its hot streak and there a few stocks out there that look great! The big movers look poised to make a run before earnings season starts up again in April. I took some time out to dig and find what I would consider some gems that could gain nicely this year. I have a lot of stocks I like so it is hard for me to narrow down some. This month, I have 5! Normally, I do 2-3. I haven’t done the Win-Picks in awhile so lets call this a make up period. Archer-Daniels (ADM), Square (SQ), Scotts Miracle Grow (SMG), Disney (DIS), and Booking Holdings (BKNG).

Archer-Daniels (ADM) is a food processing company. I see a decent entry in this stock since it is near 40. 40 has been a nice support level for the stock. It isn’t solid as I would like it to be but its a nice entry for a stock that pays a decent dividend at .35 cents. That makes for a nice yield. The best optimal entry is around 35 so if it does get near there, its a great buy. 

Square (SQ) is an online payment processing company. As things continue to shift to paying online, this is a great company that is positioned to gain from this change in consumerism. PayPal (PYPL) is another one on the list but they have recently hit new highs. I think PayPal will go higher for the record. Square is currently around 77. It has some resistance around 80 and could pull back. The optimal entry is around 70. Since this one is cheaper than PayPal and can also gain, I picked it. New highs are likely for Square. The stock has recently recovered from a sell off from its highs and may very likely continue the path of least resistance. 

Scotts Miracle Grow (SMG) is a fertilizer company. We are familiar with them because of the products they provide to help us in the garden. This is the same reason why I think they will be a larger player in the future of marijuana growth. There is a lot of hype about this sector and if things continue to go in favor of that industry, they could be a primary beneficiary of it.  The stock price is around 82. Its not the greatest entry but if I were to scale myself into it, its ok. I just wouldn’t buy a bulk of a position at this price. The best entry would be around either the low 70’s or around 60 if it does pull back that low. I am reading that it could pull back to around 72. They pay a nice dividend also at .55 cents. 

Disney (DIS) has been on this list before. It was when it was trading near 100 I put it on the Win-Picks. It is now around 114. I have had a read on this going as high as 180 and my read remains. A optimal entry would be near 110. At 114, the 4 dollar risk is acceptable to me. They are still looking to create their own content channel and are a major stakeholder in hulu. They are positioning themselves to be in that market with Netflix. I think movies will help them with growth and those movies may help them with the content in the future. 

Booking Holdings (BKNG) is formerly known as Priceline group. The stock price has recently fallen from its highs and found support. It is around the 1700 area. This is an ok entry. The thing I don’t like most is that I see the potential for the price to fall even lower to the 1500 area. That is a 200 dollar risk. I would have a tight stop in place for this reason. The chart looks good and the price could return back to the 2000 area if 1700 holds up.