Win-Picks November 2017

Welcome to the first ever Win-Picks! Here at WinCrease, we follow six stocks exclusively. Often the question comes up about other stocks. I have found success with the stocks followed here but yes, there are 10’s of thousands of other stocks out there in the market. What I am looking to do is point out a few that I find each month. Lets start out this month with a few I found that I feel have great chart set ups.
Cambell’s Soup: CPB
An old staple in the household of many folks. At some point in time in our lives, we either had a can of it or at the very least a friend of ours had a can of it. Needless to say, its going to be here forever and some more. The stock has taken a hit since last year and the bearish trend has finally looked to stop. The price has found some support and the indicators are showing that it is very oversold. The 10 year weekly chart is showing that it is forming a nice base as well. The price has a nice chance to rebound or at the very least take a continued rest as some consolidation can occur. 2017-11-04-tos_charts

Valero Energy: VLO
I found an energy stock! No way! Hahaha, in this day in age, a lot of energy stocks have been hit but I really like the set up of this stock. I took a look at the 20 year monthly chart and it speaks a huge move to me to test 100 is in the works. There is a massive cup and handle pattern that has taken place and the latest huge breakout with volume is giving a good signal that this could go the distance. vlo-2017-11-04-tos_charts

Paychex: PAYX
This chart looks very similar to the chart of Valero with it breaking out into new highs. While this one isn’t a cup and handle pattern, the trend it is in is very strong and can look to continue higher. It has been steadily following its 20 day moving average here on its monthly chart. The next price target it is likely shooting for is 70. The recent highs have held up and the bulls have firm control.pa2017-11-04-tos_charts