Facebook FB Chart Porn (updated 5/15/16)


Update 5/15/16 – The gravestone doji has appeared as it made its new 52 week high. The recent price action has showed some lack of conviction at its new height. The buyers brought it to 120 and tried to push it high but no dice. They could not get it above and this can signal that this is losing momentum. The trend is still up so this needs to close below 120 the following week and break 110 support to give way to a potential trend reversal.

Facebook FB Weekly Chart Porn
Facebook FB Chart Porn 5/13/16

Update 5/9/16 – Facebook continues its bullish ways and until that 50 day gets violated, it may very well tick on. I am seeing increased volatility as the sells are producing decent volume and the pushes higher don’t. Each push higher has been sold off and the 120 resistance is getting ready to show if its going to stand.

Facebook FB 5/9/16 weekly chart
Facebook FB 5/9/16 Weekly Chart Porn

Update 3/3/16 – Facebook and the power of dollar averaging, smh. The gap fill has been completed from its drop from 110. The resistance has held up and may continue to send the stock lower. The trend lines are still intact as the stock hangs in the overbought area of the indicators. This is about to reveal its next direction.

1 year chart of Facebook FB 3/3/16
Facebook FB Chart Porn 3/3/16

Update 3/1/16 – Facebook may be showing fatigue signals as it has made consecutive lows within its channel. The indicators are elevated and it has just grinded higher. Until the lower trend line breaks, let the big money do its battle of scaling out.

1 year chart of Facebook FB 3/1/16
Facebook FB Chart Porn 3/1/16