Alphabet (Google) GOOGL Chart Porn (updated 5/15/16)


Update 5/15/16 – Alphabet is looking to be in a range as the moving averages start to get closer together. A trend change is looking to come its way. The range of 700-750 may continue for awhile. Indecision is starting to show up and that could lead to a push lower to test out 700 again.

Alphabet GOOGL Weekly Chart
Alphabet GOOGL Chart Porn 5/13/16

Update 5/9/16 – Last, I left off with how Alphabet was going to break 700… Yeah, um, about that, lol. That is what I saw but since then, it has pushed higher. 700 has held up again but I still remain bearish as this has remained range bound. Move higher are sold off and it is gaining some momentum. The double top is making its presence known.

Alphabet GOOGL Chart Porn 5/9/16
Alphabet GOOGL Weekly Chart Porn 5/9/16

Update 3/3/16 – Alphabet is a ticking time bomb. The big money brought the stock back to the 50 day moving average as the sell continues. Things are still shifting and this is priming for another large move. The bulls have gained some momentum so 740 is proving to be the line in the sand.

1 year chart of Alphabet GOOGL 3/3/16
Alphabet GOOGL Chart Porn 3/3/16

Update 3/1/16 – Alphabet continues to show weakness as the stock cannot hold its weight when pushed higher. This selling into strength will result in a large move lower eventually. The time is coming as the moving averages get closer to signal a definite trend change.

1 year chart of Alphabet GOOGL 3/1/16
Alphabet GOOGL Chart Porn 3/1/16